The principals Andre Oppenheim and Baljit Sikand forged their business association when they incorporated B&A Logistics in 2008. This partnership combines not only their various transportation companies but also their 50 years of collective experience in the transportation industry.

Andre Oppenheim, has a long history in transportation dating from his grandfather’s horse and buggy delivery service. His management style is very much ‘hands-on’, working hard, and putting his clients’ needs before all else. It is this work ethic that has facilitated B&A Logistcs’ dramatic growth.

Baljit Sikand has been an integral part of Toronto transportation for the last 25 years. His ability to manage the real time challenges of this complex industry and his even handedness is the basis of the smooth operation of the company and his willingness to take on any logistics challenge has allowed B&A to meet all their clients’ needs.